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  • Release date:2018/03/14
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Detailed introduction


1. Our factory can be customized to various specifications and prices of knife; It can adjust the cutting head formula according to the different quality of stone in China, different diameter of saw blade, so as to achieve higher production efficiency and save production cost for Stone enterprises.

2. The knife head is resistant to high temperature welding and has no deformation; Our production of knife head is the old and new customers praise.

The overall cutting effect is good, do not break the edge.

4. Ensure that the film is not deformed during welding, strengthen the wind cooling, no water cooling!

5. This product is made from diamond and carbide powder sintered and used for cutting granite sheet and mine stone. Not only the cutting efficiency is high, but also the life span is longer than the similar products. Welcome new customers to call for advice.

6. Our diamond cutters use the high strength yellow diamond HD series diamond monocrystalline, as well as high quality metal tread(Co, Ni, Ti, Wu, Cu-Fe, etc). Made by mature design, cold molding and sintering process.


High strength diamond can reduce the breaking rate of diamond in the work and increase the bite force. Show the sharp edge of the knife head, cutting speed, high efficiency.

2, The high quality metal body can control the diamond noisily, reduce the diamond to fall off in the cutting work, at this time the knife head wear resistance coefficient is good, the service life is long.

3, depending on the operating environment, we designed the knife head to be M type, patch sandwich type, sandwich type and so on, thereby enhancing the cutting stability. Make saw blade not run off in the work.

4, The mature production technology, the strict quality inspection control, makes us each batch of factory knife head let the customer satisfy!

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