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Common problems and solutions of diamond saw blades

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Common problems and solutions of diamond saw blades

Release date:2018-03-12 Author: Click:

Some problems often occur during the use of diamond saw blades. How to solve these problems when they appear? Please look at the collation and summary of the little editor.

The plate thickness, uneven cutting 1

(1) the basic tension is not suitable; it is necessary to rectify the tension of the saw blade.

(2) the screw of the screw bearing seat of the fixed trolley is loosened, and the rotating spiral is adjusted.

(3) the horizontal degree of guide guideway is poor; the degree of disge of dislike was adjusted between 0.5mm with the method of drawing wire, and the level should be less than 1mm.

(4) the screw thread gap is large and the clearance is not eliminated, and the clearance is excluded in one direction.

(5) a phenomenon that the wire is not tightly packed and rocked; tighten the clamping nut.

(6) the steering wheel is inconsistent; the loosening nut is adjusted to the same.

(7) the saw blade was skipped over, the saw blade was leveled and the test was qualified.

(8) the dissymmetry of the welding of the cutter head to the matrix; the re welding or the new saw blade.

(9) is less than 0.5 cubic meters of cutting blocks should be more than 0.5 cubic meters.

(10) the transmission chain is loose; the chain is adjusted.


2. Overshake the machine

(1) the main bearing gap is too large; open the iron cover of the spindle box to adjust the nut.

(2) the spindle bearing is damaged, resulting in the instability of the saw blade; the spindle box is disassembled to check the spindle bearing and the new bearing is replaced.

(3) the blade radial runout is too large; check the blade size jump, slide.

3. The height of the blade of the saw blade is inconsistent

(1) the gap between the spindle bearing is too large; the nut is adjusted by opening the iron cover of the spindle box.

(2) the diameter skip the accuracy of the large center hole, and check the change of the saw blade.

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