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The steps of the diamond saw blade installer

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The steps of the diamond saw blade installer

Release date:2018-03-05 Author: Click:

With the new development of new materials, diamond saw blades have played a key role in the development of these materials in the effective saw. The correct use and installation of diamond belt saw blade is essential for cutting efficiency and life. The following suggestions can help you get the most out of your diamond band saw operation.

Step 1: new band saw blade in band saw wheel and guide

Step 2: set up the guide band saw machine. 001 "- 0015" in the width of the diamond band saw

Step 3: the local tensigage on the diamond band saw blade under well intentioned conditions.

Step 4: zero, and then pull to 1.5. The diamond belt saw tension should be set as low as possible to see your material, but also keep straight cutting.


Step 5: run the diamond with the sawing strip slowly on the correct track on the tire.

Step 6: release tension and retain 1.5 units. Check the tension at the beginning of each class.

Step 7: make sure that your diamond belt does not toughen the backup bearing. The premature failure of the base material of the diamond belt will be caused by the friction backup bearing.

Step 8: the speed of setting the table is reduced to four square inches per minute. This is just a starting point recommendation. Keeping an accurate record of each band will help you adjust the feed rate to optimize the sawing of a diamond band saw blade in total square inches.

Step 9: set with a speed of about 1500-2500 feet per minute. Again, keep an accurate record of each band.

10 step: only allow enough table feed to make the diamond cut freely. Excess will lead to the early stage of the diamond belt wiped over anti - Anti - bearings.

Step 11: when the production is stopped, the speed of the diamond belt saw blade is reduced to eliminate the start impact.

Step 12: ensure that the diamond belt saw strip is removed when the tension is not used.

Step 13: occasionally wearing diamond band saw and SiC dressings. The band saw will be clean, sharpened, and updated.

Step 14: the diamond band saw can increase the tool life per week.

It is suggested that the diamond band saw is used for most of the saw, ideal 26 "wheel or bigger. This program will help to reduce the fatigue of the early diamond band saw bars.

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