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Diamond saw blade matrix material

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Diamond saw blade matrix material

Release date:2018-03-05 Author: Click:

During the cutting process of diamond saw blade diamond saw blade, the saw blade runs at a high speed. The friction between the blade and the base of the saw blade will be worn out. In order to reduce the wear and reuse of the matrix, many manufacturers have adopted a method to improve the matrix.


The matrix according to the uniform interval increased radially extending slot, improve the sharpness of the diamond saw blade and cutting stability, prevent tooth slippage, side wear, to prevent mixture of hard and soft materials processing, diamond saw blade base matrix materials commonly used materials: 30CrMo, 45#, 50Mn2V, 65Mn, 75Cr1 steel and 45# steel SKS5, which basically is low, the quality can not be guaranteed, is currently a lot of small workshop production saw blade base materials used, after all, low cost!

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