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The 6 Secrets of the longer life of the saw blade

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The 6 Secrets of the longer life of the saw blade

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1. With a longer life of the saw blade, your saw and equipment must be in a proper state. Whenever you install a new blade, check your axis radial and axial play. Try moving the shaft back and forth. Any movement indicates that the axis needs to be adjusted, new bearings or replacement.

Gems blade and shaft hole processing. 005 "extra large for the shaft. If the shaft is worn, the blade does not rotate concentric tree planting.

The machine should be placed on the horizontal ground or on the platform so that the operation will not vibrate. All the belts should be properly tensioned.

2. The flange supports the blade in a large surface area and helps prevent the deflection at the beginning and end of a cutting with little or no work support at all. They must measure at least 1/4 of the blade diameter. Determine the smooth plane of the flange parallel, without the surface of the mud or burn. The flange must be concave around three points of its central diameter. This provides support for the surrounding area of the blade and avoids the central core of the deformation.


Three. A gem diamond saw blade needs lubricating oil as a coolant. Adequate supply must be sawed to lubricate the edge and workpiece of the blade and remove all debris. Optical cutting oil is the best and the most cut operation requirement. Water soluble oil or pure water can be used for pruning. Antirust agents should be used and special attention should be paid to preventing the rust of blades and / or saw.

4. The new blade is best used for the first cutting with a soft ground material. This will ensure that the blade is broken properly, the rim is concentric on the heart shaft, the rim will open, and the diamond is increased.

5. When the blade runs at the working speed, it begins to cut through the work of the workpiece. Ensure that the surface of the workpiece does not cause the blade to deflect at the contact point. If the blade begins to cut on both sides of the rotating plane, you will get a non - parallel cutting, or even the damage to the blade.

When the cutting is almost complete, fracture often occurs, leaving a serrated spur. This bone spur will damage the blade. In order to prevent this situation, the feeding pressure should be reduced or stopped at the end of the incision. Automatic broken saw, when set up correctly, will do this for you. With screw feed, the workpiece and the vise can be fed manually.

6. Diamond blades should be occasionally torsional to ensure uniform wear and long life. Diamond blades can be glazed on the blade, especially when hard and compact materials are cut. In order to cut the blade, make some cutting on the soft ground material. This usually wears off the metal bonds and RIM and exposes more diamonds.

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