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A brief description of the hot deformation of diamond cutter head

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A brief description of the hot deformation of diamond cutter head

Release date:2018-01-30 Author: Click:

The diamond cutter head are generally used for cutting hard material, when cutting materials, because it is the direct contact friction, so the cutter head long time diamond cutting can produce a large amount of heat, the heat deformation problem of short time rapid agglomeration may cause the diamond cutter head hot issues related to the next Xiaobian give you details about the thermal deformation of diamond cutter head.


Because the cutting heat can make the diamond deform, make the diamond cutter head elongate, so that the size of the workpiece is changed. The length of the diamond cutter head is related to the length of the diamond cutter head, the size of the cutting surface, the thickness of the blade and the sharp procedure of the blade. The longer the length of the diamond knife is, the greater the elongation, the inverse ratio of the interface to the elongation, the smaller the thickness of the blade of the diamond cutter head.

About the problem of thermal deformation of diamond cutters, we are here today. If you want to know more about diamond cutters, you are welcome to visit our company's official

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