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How to improve the safety performance of diamond saw blade

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How to improve the safety performance of diamond saw blade

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In industrial production, diamond saw blade tools are dangerous when they are used. Because of production reasons or use reasons, "dropping teeth" may directly affect the performance of saw blades and the personal safety of operators. In order to protect and attach importance to life, its security has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers and users.

Although the state and industry have not yet made clear and specific provisions on the safety performance of diamond saw blades, we can draw on the relevant international standards. For example, the new EN13236 standard and the case of notification recall problems abroad, so as to improve production technology and improve monitoring means, so as to ensure the safety performance of diamond saw blades.


Factors affecting the safety performance of diamond saw blade

1. the outer teeth outside the base of the matrix are not clean, which leads to the weak bonding of the welding.

2. the sintering process parameters are not well controlled, the sintering temperature is low, and the "less burning" makes the welding hard, and the strength of the matrix itself is low and fragile.

How to improve the safety performance of diamond saw blade

1. optimization design. The material powder of low oxygen content is used, and the shape of the matrix is changed to "swallow tooth", and the bonding strength of matrix and matrix is improved.

2. optimization process. The "copper plating" process is adopted in the matrix teeth, and the cold press - heat sintering process is adopted, and the hot pressing welding process (laser welding process) is adopted.

In traditional high-frequency welding, the bonding strength of weld is not high enough, especially at high temperature. During the sawing process, accidents such as knife head flying and hurting people are easy to happen. The safety and reliability of saw blades are not good.

The laser welding is used as the energy to focus a laser beam, the mechanism of penetration welding, transition layer melting cutter head and the substrate, forming a strong weld, even in a saw blade, drill without cooling water cooling, can ensure high welding strength, to ensure the safety of use.

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