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About diamond saw blades, these details you need to know!

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About diamond saw blades, these details you need to know!

Release date:2018-03-08 Author: Click:

Bao Sen small diamond saw blade includes a variety of product specifications, requirements and process of supporting the use of 105mm-450mm diameter can meet the customer a variety of machines, and a wide variety of stone blades, concrete sections, stone cutter, cutting the road piece Goods are available in all varieties. to welcome you call us 13982407218..


Bao Sen diamond small saw 4 advantages:

1, high quality raw materials, quality assurance

Bao Saun diamond small saw blade adopts optimized matrix formula, high performance pre alloyed powder and high quality diamond, perfect combination of carcass and diamond, so as to enhance product life and cutting speed.

2, exquisite craftsmanship and high cost performance

Bao Sen diamond small saw blade adopts the new automatic equipment and the hot pressing technology of cash, which ensures the close combination of saw blade and matrix, and cuts many slices. It can effectively increase the sharpness of 3 times, sharpness and durability coexist, and it is safer to use.

3. Heat dissipation of key holes

The small diamond saw blade with a professional keyhole design helps to heat dissipation and improve the sharpness.

4, precision thickness, standard certification

The small diamond saw blade was checked by layers before the factory. All the products were accurate in thickness, accurate in size and without deviation.

Learn more with diamond tools, welcome customers to enter the official website of consulting Baosen or call Thaipusam 24 hours service hotline 13982407218, our customer service will solve all the doubts in the first time, for you to give advice and suggestions, recommend the most suitable for your high quality small diamond saw blade for you.

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