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Characteristics of ultra thin cutting saw blade

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Characteristics of ultra thin cutting saw blade

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The ultra thin cutting saw blade is mainly used for the precision cutting and cutting, and the deep cut slow feed grinding is generally used. It has the characteristics of large grinding depth, low feed speed, large contact area between saw blades and workpieces, narrow slit, high metal removal rate, high grinding accuracy, good surface quality and high material utilization rate. The general rules are as follows:

1) the overall cutting saw blade is thin in thickness (below 0.5mm), small in outer diameter (20~100mm), fine in size, high in dimension and shape and accuracy, and light in weight. It is generally used at high speed. The general speed is 5000~40000r/min.

2) the base saw blades are mostly thick (0.5~2mm), large diameter (100~200mm), coarse-grained and low accuracy. They are generally used for low speed and deep cutting. The general speed is 3000~10000r/min.

3) ultra thin cutting saw blade more use fine grain, and generally the thinner the thickness of the abrasive particle size will be correspondingly thinner, the quality of the processing surface is good. But the finer the abrasive grain size is, the cutting sharpness decreases correspondingly, and the feed speed should be reduced accordingly to adapt to the machinability of the abrasive grain.


4) the cutting depth of the ultra thin cutting saw is usually determined by the cutting parts by the user, and the cutting process is mostly used by the slow feed grinding process, and the depth is cut to the depth once. In this way, because the cutting saw blade is thin and the cutting condition is poor (most of the 3 sides are contacted with the workpiece), the heat dissipation is difficult. Therefore, we need to increase the volume and pressure to cool the cutting area.

5) when the cutting blade of the user just to use the machine there must not move or workpiece disintegrating port, proposed to increase the depth of cut or reduce the amount of feed; when used for a period of time after the cut does not move or collapsed, with the proper size of stone edged on the blade surface, to adjust the sharpness.

6) the surface quality and cutting performance of the workpiece are mainly related to the grain size of ultra-thin cutting saw blade, and the better the surface finish is. At the same time, it is also related to the material, hardness, cutting amount, machine tool conditions, processing requirements and other factors.

7) saw the factory general has been shaping and cutting edge thin, users can directly use. If the user needs further shaping, with green silicon carbide or white corundum oilstone suggested that size selection of cutting blade coarse grain size number 1-2; if the user needs to use a further edge or edge, green silicon carbide or white corundum oilstone, size selection of cutting saw coarse granularity number 1-2 or number.

8) cutting speed is generally related to the processed materials, hardness, accuracy and machining requirements. It is suggested that users should be used in the original condition when they are used for the first time, and do not change the cutting parameters easily.

9) user condition is also the main factor affecting cutting performance. Especially the axial alignment, radial runout, flange parallelism and dynamic balancing accuracy of machine tool directly affect the cutting accuracy of cutting saw blade.

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