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The importance of the matrix of small diamond cutting sheet

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The importance of the matrix of small diamond cutting sheet

Release date:2018-01-30 Author: Click:

A small diamond cutting piece of high-speed rotation of the stone is cut, the matrix has a certain frequency, when additional resonance frequency and inherent frequency, consistency, which requires matrix with high elastic limit and yield ratio; secondly, due to the substrate roughness, or because the blade mounted poor, cutting production the lateral pressure of the matrix leads to repeated bending, the matrix stiffness decreased, or fatigue strength.


The matrix should also have high stiffness and fatigue strength. On the other hand, the diamond small cutting piece must bear the cyclic cutting pressure and impact force during the cutting process. Therefore, the matrix should have high tensile strength and a certain impact toughness.

The chemical composition and heat treatment state of steel determine the mechanical properties and service life of the products. For products with high mechanical properties such as SAW substrate, carbon steel or alloy steel with high carbon content is usually made and quenched and tempered at medium temperature to ensure high composite performance requirements. In addition, stress annealing and stabilization are also a process that is not ignored in the process of matrix manufacturing.

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