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What factors are determined by the sharpness of the diamond cutter head

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What factors are determined by the sharpness of the diamond cutter head

Release date:2018-01-30 Author: Click:

The diamond saw blade has played a significant role in the circular sawing stone production, choose to use the diamond thin circular saw blade, the stone blocks the outturn rate increased by more than 5%, reducing the cost of raw materials. In addition, because of the thinning of the circular saw blade and the thinning of the knife head, the cost of the cutter head is saved and the electricity and water cost are saved. It not only saves the cost, but also improves the work efficiency. So everyone likes to choose diamond thin circular saw.


The sharpness of the diamond cutter head is determined by the following 5 factors:

1. To improve the strength of diamond, the choice of diamond is 1 ~ 2kg higher than that of standard knife.

2, improve the diamond coarse mesh ratio, namely 40/50# ratio increased to more than 60%;

3, the concentration of diamond is reduced to less than 25%.

4, reasonable selection of matrix formula, which is easy to use edge is not easy to low temperature type metal binder sand strip formula;

5. Shorten the length of the cutter head and shorten the 24mm length of the standard knife to 21mm.

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