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Paulson taught you how to choose a diamond saw blade

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Paulson taught you how to choose a diamond saw blade

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Only the quality of the diamond saw blade can be found, and the best cutting performance can be achieved by choosing the right saw blade. As a super hard material, the diamond saw blade is mainly used for the cutting of concrete, refractory material, stone, ceramic and other hard and brittle materials. Some of them are not sharp, and some of them have short service life. These are the problems that the users of the diamond saw generally meet.

Today, we teach you the quality of the diamond saw blade with the naked eye. Luzhou Bao Sen knives have arranged the experience of many senior experts in diamond saw blade industry. It has been summed up to teach you 5 ways to identify the quality of the diamond saw blade.


First, observe the concentration and distribution of the sands exposed to the knife head. Good diamond saw blade, the content of emery will not be too little, but it should not be too much, and dispersed evenly.

Second, observe whether the weld is complete and tidy. If the weld is not continuous, and the edge of the cutter head is not aligned vertically with the substrate, it will affect the chip removal and heat dissipation. And it may lead to the cutting of the head of the knife.

Third, the diamond saw blade in hand, observe the diamond cutter head and the matrix in the horizontal plane are aligned, the knife head if uneven, zigzag, is likely to use in the process caused by plate edge collapse, even the knife head off.

Fourth, the thickness of the cutter head and the thickness of the matrix are compared. The 350mm granite blade as an example, under normal circumstances, the cutter head to the matrix thickness is about 1mm. 350mm marble saw blade will than the substrate thickness is about 0.2mm-0.5mm. The reason for this design is to avoid the damage to the matrix and to improve the service life of the saw blade.

Fifth, and the most important point, the sharpness and wearability of the saw will have a contradictory relationship. Our suggestion is that when the blade lifespan reaches the desired goal and the sharpness is moderate, do not require a longer life span. Because the external environment, such as cutting machine, worker's operation, stone hardness and so on, will change at any time, and once the external environment changes, the original wearable saw blade will not be able to be used.

Luzhou Bao Sen Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a product focused on diamond tools, including product R & D, production and sales service. It mainly produces diamond saw blades, diamond cutters, granite saw blades, marble saw blades, cement road saw blades, stone bits, carbide saw blades and other products. Contact hotline: 13982407218

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