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Luzhou Paulson diamond tools Co., Ltd. is a focused on ultra hard material tool products and the development, production, sales, services as one enterprise. Products include alloy cutting head serrated, small cutting head serrated, water rotation and other super hard material processing tools.

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Luzhou Bao Sen Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Luzhou Paulson diamond tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a product development, production and sales services focused on diamond tools as one enterprise. The company has been committed to the research of diamond tools and carbide tools for a long time. It has accumulated deep technical foundation, mainly producing diamond saw blade, diamond blade, granite saw blade, marble saw blade, cement road saw blade, Stone-wall bit, carbide saw blade and so on. With high precision inspection equipment, we provide reliable products for customers. At the same time, we have solved many difficult technical problems in the diamond tool use process for many machining manufacturers.



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